Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is our main office?
A. Our office is located at the corner of Church Street and Bournes in St. James

Q. Which areas do we provide service?
A. We currently provide service in parts of
• Trincity
• Mt. Hope
• St. James/Flagstaff
• Diamond Vale

Q. What do I need to sign up?
A. A utility bill is required as proof of address, along with picture ID.

Q. What to do if there is any service interruptions?
A. If there’s a problem with service you can contact the office at 868-622-2772.

Q. If there is any service interruption after hours, how can we get in contact with the company?
A. Any service interruptions after office hours of 8am – 4pm can be directed to

Q. How many TVs can I get connected?
A. Up to (4) four TVs can be connected at the standard fee and an additional fee would be added for more than (4) four connections.

Q. Do I need set top box?
A. A set top box is not necessary because we provide an analogy connection that connects directly to the back of the TV.

Q. Is there any special channels?
A. We provide 80 premium channels with no option of removing or adding any channels to your subscription.
Q. Do we provide internet?
A. Currently we do not provide internet services.

Q. Are we currently blocking any TV shows?
A. CCN TV6 currently has the exclusive rights to air certain TV shows, leaving ALL Cable TV providers including ICNTT with an obligation to blackout these shows at a particular time.