About us.

Independent Cable Network of Trinidad & Tobago, Ltd. (ICNTT) is a provider of Cable Television services to the Major Territorial island of Trinidad in Trinidad & Tobago.  We were established to develop and operate a “state of the art” Cable infrastructure in which video, audio and data are digitized, compressed and transmitted through a Fiber Optic distribution network to all of Trinidad.

As an indigenous Trinidadian company we at ICNTT have always held a deep commitment to the communities we service. This is particularly true of our middle and lower income customers. The Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad  & Tobago has always stressed that one of the compelling factors in the granting of the Type 2 Concession to ICNTT was our stated Mission and desire to bring Information Communications Technology (ICT) capabilities to as broad a cross-section of the national community as possible and to Bridge the Digital Divide.  We believe that we can play a vital role in propelling Trinidadian society to a developed status where ICTs are ubiquitous and its availability is a normal part of everyday life. This forms the basis upon which we are establishing a viable and profitable enterprise that serves the public’s needs.

Independent Cable Network of T & T (ICNTT)
868-622-2772 (tel)
868-628-8773 (fax)
 To serve the people of the Trinidad and Tobago with top quality Information Communications Technology products and services while providing quality assurance, reliability and astute problem resolution in order to foster an atmosphere of development to first world status. By so doing, propelling the company to attain its financial targets and provide a stable and rewarding work environment for all its employees.
ICNTT intends to launch the first truly affordable Triple Play Service in Trinidad, with emphasis on providing access to underserviced communities and also high quality of customer service and responsiveness to all communities. We are deploying a state of the art all Fiber Optic Network with a projected coverage of 90% of the Trinidad market. Our system design has at its core a Fiber-To-The-Home Passive Optical Network throughout the island and connecting all the population centers.

In Trinidad, the option of a truly competitive digital service from ICNTT (providing substantially higher speed internet and telephony at lower rates than that which consumers are currently paying…) would be ideal for penetrating un-served and underserved markets.  While there is no perfect telecommunications system in existence – ICNTT’s proposed network using the very latest cutting edge technologies will not be affected by the technical and financial burdens that have plagued and prevented existing operators from achieving greater market penetration.